Bitdefender Security-as-a-Service for AWS
Registration Page

Bitdefender Security-as-a-Service for AWS is a hosted antimalware solution providing resource-efficient protection, specifically designed for cloud and virtualized infrastructures. Integrating with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the solution protects virtualized Windows and Linux systems from malicious attacks while enabling significant cost savings for AWS customers around the globe.

Enter the details below to create a Bitdefender account and subscribe to our services. Once registered, you will benefit from 30-days trial period completely free of charge. During this evaluation period, you may choose to cancel your subscription at any time directly from your Bitdefender Security Console.

By continuing with your subscription after the trial period, you authorize Bitdefender to charge your AWS account based on your hourly consumption of the service.

Registration Details

*This limit needs to be greater than $250 and represents the maximum amount we are authorized to deduct from your Amazon account each month. Further use the cost calculator to estimate your monthly payment based on the number of hours your instances run for within a month.


  • Number of hours
  • 0 - 20.000
  • Over 20.000
  • Over 40.000
  • Over 80.000
  • Promotional Price
  • $0.012
  • $0.010
  • $0.008
  • $0.006

If your total usage of the Bitdefender service summed up 50000 hours during a month, the billed amount will be calculated as follows:

20,000 x 0.012 + 20,000 x 0.010 + 10,000 x 0.008 = 520 USD

Cost Calculator

Pay for only what you use and estimate your monthly bill by using our cost calculator. Enter below the estimated number of AWS instances you expect to protect within a month and the daily consumption per running instance.

> Your estimated amount is: X $ per month
> Your estimated usage is: X hours per month